Nature objects

zals 01 Wheel hill
zals 02 Spulgu stately stone
zals 03 Spulgu juniper
zals 04 Swedish pine
zals 05 Viņķu hill
zals 06 Niklavu boulder
zals 07 Strumpītes boulder
zals 08 Bell pine
zals 09 Kaņepju stately oak


Memorial and cultural places

sarkans 01 Vieķu castle mound
sarkans 02 Jaunpiebalgas Roman catholic congregation church
sarkans 03 Jaunpiebalgas cemetery

akmens mernieku laikisarkans 04 sarkans 05 The memorial boulders for two characters - Ķencis and Pāvuls from the historical novel “The times of surveying” written by brothers Kaudzītes.
Due to arranging the surrounding of Ķencis House as an object of tourism Jānis Strupulis has made the bronze bas- relief for two characters – ‘’Ķencis and Pāvuls, which is fixed in boulders by the house of prototypes of the historical novel “The time of Land surveying”. Those were found in bronze by craftsman Guntis Dubavs, erected on 21 st August, 1999.
Contacts: 26538154
Address: “Vecurles”,…..ķenci” Zosēnu pag., Jaunpiebalgas nov.
 sarkans 06 Memorial for deported
sarkans 07 Commemorate place for national partisans
sarkans 08 Commemorate place “Parish school”
sarkans 09 Monument for killed soviet soldiers during the Second World War
akmens gaujeram The memorial boulder for potato selectionist Vilis Gaujers
There is located memorial boulder for the selectionist and agronomist Vilis Gaujers in the Rudiņu cross-roads, erected on the road side, close to his native house “Ķenci” and made by sculptor Aivars Kerliņs. On the crossroads of many roads in Cēsu region, agronomists have made memorial for brillant selectionist of potatoes.
Contacts: 26538154
Address: Zosēnu pag., Jaunpiebalgas nov.


Public places

lilla 01 Jaunpiebalga Secondary School
lilla 02 Jaunpiebalga Elementary and Primary school
lilla 03 Jaunpiebalga Art and Music School
lilla 04 Voleyball court
lilla 05 Zosēnu Popular House “Kļavas”
lilla 06 The building of manor’s pub
lilla 07 Manor, nowadays – building of Jaunpiebalga local council