Jaunpiebalga is situated in a Central Highland of Vidzeme, including the river Gauja, with hills, valleys and winding roads. Jaunpiepalga is proud of composers Emīls Dārziņš and Marģers Zariņš, painters Kārlis Miesnieks and Jēkabs Strazdiņš. While you are visiting Jaunpiebalga, it is better to understand why Jaunpiebalga is an inspiration source for these great personalities.

Daily life of local people in the beginning of 20 century, as well as great personalities of Russia, such as Anton Chekov and Fjodor Shalapin, were taken in pictures of Arturs Dulbe. These photos you can observe in Jaunpiebalga local history museum and in the exhibition hall “Velves.”

While you are visiting our region, the changes can be seen. Enjoy the ancient remains from count Sheremetjev and priests of earlier times – Kristofs Renholds Girgensons, Karlis Eduards Napjerskis, father and a son Kelbrants, Jekabs Ozolinsh, Janis Ozols, Edgars Jundzis!

Both Piebalgas (Jaunpiebalga and Vecpiebalga) events were described in the novel “Times of land surveyors” written by brothers Kaudzites. After great “times of land surveyors”in Piebalga a trade and craft arised, so that is a reason for permanent traditions of applied arts, culture and art! The roots of history remains forever, in the memory of generations are stored important things. The children are educated at schools, work with wood continues, weaving, singing and dancing, making plays, brewing the beer, making home- made cheese is still as before.Nowadays this tradition going on in Jaunpiebalga Music and Art school and in adult education centres is promoted - weaving, painting and ceramic art.