Jaunkugi maja 02 The biological farm “Jaunķūģi”
Offer barbecue places, a bath- house, as well as accommodation up till 6 people.

+371 29461226

Gravnieki maja 04 The place of recreation “Grāvnieki”
Offer sightseeing around the farm and goat cheese tasting, camping places and barbeque places.

+371 29169626

 maja 05 The farm “Stalkas”
The camping place by lake Bricu.

+371 29483392

 maja 06 The hay motel “Kalna Roci”
It is located near the museum of composer Emils Darzins, “Vanagklans”, lakes Bricu and Kleivu. Offers accommodation in hay, a camping places, fishing and the trail for feet relaxation. When booking in advance you will be provided with traditional Piebalga meals.

+371 27407105

 maja 07 The biological farm “Lejas Jēci”
Farm of livestock breeding. Practices fish farming, has ponds with crayfish, offers fishing. Arranged aesthetic working environment. Part of the territory is surrounded by the river Gauja. Offers camping places.

+371 29424737

Uplejas maja 09 The biological farm “Uplejas”
The camping place in the picturesque place. There is possible to visit an exhibition, take part in creative activities in the workshop together with the author Rasa Vilks.

+371 28625709

Spulgas orandzs 10 “Spulgas”
Offers beds in the country house with the unique opportunity to warm up on the furnace masonry, to enjoy breakfest, lunch and dinner (watching the sunset, evening mist and listening at nature concerts) made on wood coockstove. The guests have 1 room, 1 dining room, country style kitchen and bathroom at their disposal.

+371 26114226