You are welcome in Čangaliena!

izvelies piebalgu The exhibition- market “Izvēlies Piebalgu!” (Prefer Piebalga!)
August- something new! Magnificent market day with various show elements. Special Piebalga’s food. Ancient trade skills, traditions of domestic industry, business matters and, of course, wide range of culture and entertainment programme will meet you. It will be a colourful celebration of history and heritage with street entertainment, music, crafts, food. Come and invite others!
+371 26422009, Egita Zariņa

tava diena piebalga The tourism campaign “Your day in Piebalga”
All the time of the world belongs to you. You go down from the hill and enjoy the ride after each turn. After each turning there is something unexpected to meet that challenges and pleases you at the same time. Each person, each thing and place you’ve been introduced to will belong to YOU. That is YOUR DAY IN PIEBALGA- campaign of sightseeing tour around Jaunpiebalga’s and Vecpiebalga’s tourist attraction places.
+371 27343990, Signe Rupaine

Summer solstice bonfire on Viņķu Hill every year in June
Bonfires are made in Summer solstice, let’s bring and sing your own song, collect midsummer Eve’s herbs, make flower wreaths, enjoy the magic of night and sunrise in Vidzeme upland, on a hilly place where the famous Latvian painter Kārlis Miesnieks was born.
+371 29466717, Sandra Strēle

Musical festival “Let’s meet in Piebalga”
This is an annual event with music bands, solo artists, exotic dance groups that gather together to meet their audience. Popular musicians with wide, interesting and versatile programme perform till the dawn. Various competitions and shows are held. People of any age and mood will enjoy the festival.
+371 29428293, Egils Johansons


sleposana Skiing festival at “Vanagkalns”
Each year on February, one week before great Tartu skiing marathon, hundreds of sporty minded enthusiasts from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and from various other Europe’s and world countries, are gathering for impressive, energetic and friendly cross- country skiing at “Vanagkalns”. Festival is 3 days event with movies, various seminars and amusements with live music. Free, bubbly atmosphere will wake up athlete’s spirit and desire to surpassing oneself in each and every one.
+371 26567616 Raimonds Dombrovskis
+371 27084919 Olga Ivaņina

gaujas ruki Winter fairy-tale with dwarfs of the river Gauja
Open- air event for children, families, school and various institution groups. Event is held on December, in year 2017 it was held on December 14., 15., 16. and 28., 29. in an organic farm “Lielkrūzes”.
+371 29146397 Valentīna Dolmane

gaujas ruki Family festival in Jaunpiebalga
The strength of the county comes from strong families. On the beautiful Saturday of the July families are gathered for activities and games. Also procession, parade with nicely decorated children strollers, fete of pre-school children living in the county takes place on this day. In the evening- ball on the open- air stage.
+371 26449732 Egita Zariņa