piebalgas alus

 Joint -Stock Company Piebalga Beer
If you choose Piebalga beer and kvass, you will taste the pride of our land and enjoy constant Latvian taste, which will give you the ability not only to talk but do work, because your strength is in your roots.

Contacts: 64162665, 64162445
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.piebalgasalus.lv
Address: Gaujas iela 2, Jaunpiebalga, Jaunpiebalgas pagasts, Jaunpiebalgas novads, LV – 4125; Agency and shops in Riga, Jelgavas ielā 61a, LV – 1004


egils johansons Egila Johansona fine arts studio
Pleasure is to enjoy the colours

Contacts: 29428293 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Jaunpiebalga, Raiņa iela 18

zigurs Archaelogical decorations, log boats – Edgars Žīgurs
Making archaelogical decorations, as well as log boats and Piebalga cultural and historical environmental identification expeditions.
Contacts: 29181219 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

zigmunds Zigmunda works
For own and other pleasure.

Contacts: 26185072 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: “Priednieki” , Jaunpiebalga

inese lapina Inese Lapiņa – Environmental art, Design furniture, interior accessories.
Consciously experienced moment in the space inspires you. It comes from processes and events from lifetime and social life. All the ability and power is in a moment, that is a reason why it is essentially to aware it and each of it to experience like something special. Impuls to create – that simply exists.
Everything flows is changing, desire to materialize to have a pleasure, it exists and remains unchangeable – both the joy of creation and the joy of surprise. Environmental art and design are conscious choice to inspire every single day, creating a chance to experience life, which allows us to smile.
Contacts: 26498881 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ineselapina.mozello.com
vita adijumiberniem 3 –Threads – Vita Žīgure
Knittings for the big and small ones – caps, scarves,clothes. Hand –made toys – safe for kids and environmentally friendly, it can be made according to individual wishes and needs.
Contacts: 29556394 www.facebook.com/3-Pavedieni-534524760329261/


“Wenden Furniture” solid wood furniture
The production of furniture is based on the ancient traditions and up-to-date technologies. Birch and oak trees are cut, dried and processed in the factory, in that way highly qualitative furniture is made – chairs and tables – which are transported abroad.
www.salonswenden.lv, +371 64107740

The market square “Under the hat of Ķencis”
There are the first class goodies of country side each Saturday, the market is built according to authentic samples of threshing barn in this region.
+371 28606189, Anita Šūtele

Pounded hemp seeds
Forefather meal from hemp seeds grown in Piebalga top soil
T. +371 28694142, Ieva Majore

Traditional home cottage cheese
More than 50% of farm lands in Jaunpiebalga county are biologically sertificied. The livestock is provided with welfare suitable conditions with qualitative, clean food. The production made in their farms is natural and really tasty.
+371 29131170, Maija Ķīķere
Vegetables from biological farming
T. +371 28625709, Ilze Ontužāne

Dish of white clay
Inspiration of nature and particular masterpiece. Dishes, souvenires, clocks, wind bells – it is possible to order them.
+371 29439058, Kristīna Pirktiņa

Clay dish waxed with the wax of bees
Clay dish, design components, decorations, souvenires – it is possible to order.
+371 29295435, Marika Šube

“Ķenča ķocis”
Dish made of white clay with latvian traditional signs, souvenires – it is possible to order.
+371 26238898, Talita Rozenblate

Wicker work made of clubrushes
In a special technique made plaited hats, purses, pads, toys – it is possible to order them.
+371 28615129, Velta Pētersone

Sheep wool and its production
Sheep wool, slippers, waistcoats, mittens, coats, pillows – you can order them too
T.+371 26454701, Gunārs Ciekurznis

Lovely tiny things for babies
Baby and children clothes for parties and every day. Can be ordered.
+371 22493484, Agita Alksnīte

Felt goods
Traditional hat of Piebalga’s male – “ratene”-slippers, decorations and other goods – it is possible to order them.
+371 20398987, Evija Mājeniece
+371 28790406, Velga Rubene

Patterned mittens
Hand made mittens, socks, scarfs, jumpers – it is possible to order them.
+371 22409027, Vineta Pogule

Creative studio “White needlework”
Traditional shirts, towels, nightgowns, table-cloth – can be ordered.
+371 26114226, Ilze Prūse

Multi functional mattresses DUSIS
DUSIS is a friend and a companion at home,in an office, in nature, in a festival and everywhere you wish to relax comfortably. Especially it is friendly to childrens’ educational games and a midday repose, as well as a great sleeping-place for a late guest.
+371 26498881, Inese Lapiņa

Piebalga Coin
This coin is dedicated in honour of formation Jaunpiebalga region. Designer offers smith’s services.
+371 29168615, Ainārs Sils

Bee wax candles
Have a light and pleasant aroma fulfills your home! It is available to order.
+371 29361987, Sarmīte Mekša


Latvian national decorations and textiles
Artist’s made designed goods. It is possible to order them.
+371 29525115, Dzintra Vilks

Design crafts
Designs, souvenires, presents, cards and invitation cards – can be ordered.
+371 26158341, Ilze Kārkliņa

Artist paints, designs greeting cards, makes bags and belts of natural leather. Can be ordered .
+371 29235475, Rasa Ontužāne

Congratulation cards
Obtain or order specially made congratulation cards to your beloved.
+371 26395575, Edīte Peilāne

Wooden bow-ties
For bigger and smaller gentelmen.
+371 27852966, Elvijs Ciekurznis

WoodSculptor’s made furniture, interior objects, sculptures, direction signs – it can be ordered.
+371 29424527, Aldis Duļbinskis

Wattle fence
Begird your homested originally!
+371 28803491, Juris Šūtelis