baznica2 orandzs 01 Jaunpiebalga St Tom Evangelical Lutheran Church
Really, one day in Your yards is thousand times better than in any others! To stay at the threshold of the House of God is better than to live godlessly! Psalm 84-11
Address: Gaujas 23, Jaunpiebalga, LV-4125
+371 28381573, Tamāra Gončoronoka, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Janaskola orandzs 02 The museum of composer Emils Darziņš
This museum is devoted to Emils Darziņš to his life and creative work. While you are walking around in the building made in 1871, listening to the stories and his music, everyone can try to guess artist’s life, death and art’s mystery. Oliveretto path which goes till the museum leads in the world of writer Jānis Sudrabkalns.
+371 26563815, Gunta Misiņa
skragu krogs orandzs 03 The museum of Banuta in the Skrāģu pub
The park and museum for the first Latvian opera “Baņuta” is situated in the family house of the libretto author Artūrs Krūmiņš in “Skrāģu pub”, Alongside the historical road St Petersburg – Vecpiebalga ( after 1725.). The Baņuta park is not only the object of cultural heritage, but also in picturesque and healing-positive enrgy site, particularly Tirgskalns ( Tirgshill)– one of the highest tops in the nearby surrounding, as well as Kāpurkalna ( Kāpurhill) Māras lake. In August here takes place “The professional art days”.
Address: “Piekalnes”, Zosēnu pag.

+371 29244251, Guntis Gailītis

+371 28736495

Velves orandzs 04 The exhibition hall “Velves”
The barn of the ancient manor ( now the cultural house) in the basement there is arranged the exhibition gallery, where you can see the works of Piebalgas craftsmen, the members of the applied and fine arts studio, art school students’and professional artists works.
+371 26449732
Address: Gaujas2, Jaunpiebalga

Piebalgas makslas darbu kratuve orandzs 05 The storage of Jaunpiebalga masterpieces
Artistic works, which were donated taking Jēkaba Strazdiņa initiative and collected in Peter school during the second World war, in order to form population of Piebalgas region and the fund of brilliant educated artists. It will be great to visit for those who wish to see Jāņa Valtera, Jāņa Jaunsudrabiņa, Jāņa Cielava, Hermaņa Aplociņa, Jāņa Titāna and the other artist works.

Address: Skolas 2, Zosēnu pag., Jaunpiebalgas nov.
+371 26538154, Dzidra Prūse

novadpetniecibas muzejs orandzs 06 Jaunpiebalga municipal Research museum
The museum has been made scince 1977. Exhibition about Piebalga and their inhabitants, ethnographical objects, the history of schools. You can try writing with ink and penholder! The museum is surrounded by the park made by graduates.
Address: Gaujas 41, Jaunpiebalga
+371 26615072, Vēsma Johansone, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

vidzemes cerini orandzs 07 Seed-plot “Vidzemes ceriņi”
From May till the beginning of July here are blossoming different kinds of lilacs. There is possible both to walk around in freshly made lilac garden and also to observe the process of growing. There are around 90 kinds of lilacs, so you can purchase plants grown in pots with good system of roots, as well as other trees and bushes.

Address: “Gaujas Murdēni”, Zosēnu pag.
+371 29229933, Uģis Pīrs

kupolmajas orandzs 08 Dome houses and workshop of white clay “puuceStudio”
Stories about friendship with clay, Piebalga meadows, and about how nature inspires to create. Possibility to purchase ornamental dishes and objects of interior.
Contacts: +371 29439058

Address: Jaunpiebalga, GPS 57.1583900, 26.0139880

Mazvieki orandzs 09 The farm “Mazvieķi”
The farm is situated in Vieķu castle mound, they are occupied with sheep breeding and gardening. There are offered guided tours around the farm, wool and sheepskin goods and enjoy a lamb soup in the open air.
+371 26454701, Gunārs Ciekurznis
spulgas2 orandzs 10 Relaxation in”Spulgas”
Retro cars, moto trips with K750 (motorcycle Emka), GAZ63 (fire track), UAZ469 (UAZ Hunter), fairy tale forest with the route til the river, sightseeing of anthill and bathe in the river Gauja.
Master class in “White needlework” workshop: embroidery, crocheting, sewing classes and purchase of products.
Initiation place for groom and bride:
Various challenging activities in “White needlework” workshop,
moto trips with retro cars (possible to have ride with a horse carriage),
Photo shoot at a scenic spots- at the river Gauja, in the fairy-tale forest with the route til the river Gauja, in the hilly meadows.
Accommodation for families. Beds in the country house with the unique opportunity to warm up on the furnace masonry, to enjoy breakfest, lunch and dinner (watching the sunset, evening mist and listening at nature concerts) made on wood coockstove. The guests have 1 room, 1 dining room, country style kitchen and bathroom at their disposal.
+371 26114226, Ilze Prūse
rankas muiza orandzs 11 Ranka manor
Ranka manor introduces a historical story of the manor, it will allow to feel and enjoy the taste of age, observing library, the Virgin Lurdas and St. Bernadete Roman Catholic Chapel, the park of sculptures, paintings and antique car exhibitions. There are offered rooms and a park for receptions, family holiday house.
+371 29420502, Andis Ābols
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vanagkalns orandzs 12 Cross country skiing track “Vanagkalns”
For those who love recreation there is offered a skiing track during the day and at night. There is available ski rent, trade and service, in summer Nordic walk track. Aditionally, there are organized hikes and a guide service, as well as boat trips. There is opportunity to stay for a night and take a bath house. Annual skiing festival takes place every year in February.
+371 26367616, Raimonds Dombrovskis
+371 27084919, Olga Ivaņina
vinku kalns Viņķu hill and the tower of views
Climb the tower, dream on! I wish it was also your Piebalga for a moment!
Contacts: +371 26615072 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Jaunpiebalgas pag., GPS 57.14758 26.07652
kenca sutru Ķenča – Sutru hill
This is a place for recreation and enjoying the view, there is a fire site, the weathervane with chiseled out amusing character of Ķencis on the top of it made by artist Rinkēvičs. The hill is like a border line between two brilliant characters – Ķencis and Pāvuls – their prototype houses from the latvian historical novel “Mērnieku laiki”( “The time of Land surveying”)
Contacts: 26538154
Address: Zosēnu pag., Jaunpiebalgas nov.

inese iris Artist Inese Īris Liepiņa, knitting workshop
Learn how to paint with yarn in the masterclass, ( apply in advance), where diversity of colours and multicolours what we see in nature are imitated with yarns, by knitting and crochetting. In the workshop it is possible to try on and purchase knittings made by Inese, as well as order something original.

Contacts: +371 29257989 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: “Dzirkstiņi”, Jaunpiebalgas pag.

marikas darbi Ceramics workshop “Marika’s works”
Latheless ceramics dishes and objects of interior. Possibility to enjoy the magic of pottery individually or surrounded by friends.

Contacts: 29295435 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Gaujas 21 - 4, Jaunpiebalga